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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are your shoes authentic?
All shoes are guaranteed 100% authentic as we would never sell fakes, variants etc.

Are we a retail store?
Not at the moment, but we are trying to make it a possibility for our future.

Where are we located?
The Sneak Peek is located in Ohio.

How do you get your shoes?
The Sneak Peek receives shoes from authorized Nike retailers worldwide. We are always looking for new suppliers for rare and authentic shoes. If you are interested please contact thesneakpeek@yahoo.com

What is your return policy?
TSP does not accept any returns unless it was our mistake (wrong item sent).

What payments do you accept?
We accept paypal to a confirmed address only (you can safely use your credit card through paypal without signing up for a paypal account).

Where is my tracking number?
When paying through paypal your tracking number will be available in the transaction details in your paypal account. Because all of our shipping labels are printed through paypal you will also receive an email containing your tracking.

What do you mean by confirmed paypal address?
Your address can be confirmed by entering bank account information to your paypal account.
• How can I tell if an address is confirmed?
If an address is confirmed, the address status will display as "Confirmed" on payment receipts and the Transaction Details page in PayPal.
• How do I confirm my address?
To confirm your address, you will first need to add a credit card to your PayPal account. If your credit card company supports the Address Verification System, PayPal will check that the address you provided for your account matches the billing address that your credit card company has on file. You may be required to complete the Expanded Use enrollment process, to activate your credit card. Your address may be confirmed after the Expanded Use enrollment process has been successfully completed. Please note that because not all credit card companies are currently able to confirm an address, only some UK and Canadian addresses may be confirmed at this time.
• For more information on confirming your address login into PayPal's help section. Type in "What is a confirmed address?" in the search window.